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As always, well worth reading, but here's the greatest hits:

"NOLA needs many things, including money just to keep basic services going and a clear rebuilding plan for those who want to return. But most of all it needs public attention, from a news media that rarely has the patience to stick with a story for more than six months. Some anchors have gone back time and again; U.S. News just did a special issue on post-Katrina life. But the danger is that New Orleans and the Gulf slide onto the back burner. So if it takes a Mardi Gras, debauched or not, to draw journalists there like a magnet, so be it. The real test will be how many keep it up long after Fat Tuesday has come and gone."
-Howard Kurtz

"President Bush's job approval rating is at a staggeringly low 34 percent, down 8 points from last month, according to a new CBS News poll. That's right: Just a third of Americans think he's doing a good job. To find other numbers that low in the CBS poll, you have to go back 14 years to Bush's father. Bill Clinton never had it so bad. To find numbers even lower, you have to go back to Jimmy Carter's disastrous 1979 - or to Richard Nixon in 1974, who Gallup-polled as low as 23 just before he resigned."
-Dan Froomkin

* Think soldiers support the war? Think again.
* Homeland Security turns three.
* Brownie reveals what the president knew and when he knew it.
* What's upsetting about the ports deal.
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