PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

American soldiers say the battle is now a political fight over Iraq's future, and whether anyone can prevent a civil war. And if civil war happens, this is what it could look like.

Prison riot in Afghanistan grows into the thousands. And this is how it relates to Guantanamo, a.k.a. the "American Gulag" (today's must read, I note.)

* The administration is reconsidering relations with Russia.
* Guess where Bin Laden is, and how much we really know.
* Democrats target governorships, and foresee a big shift.
* Latin America isn't happy about "the wall."
* Turmoil simmers in Egypt, driven by religion and politics.
* Darren McGavin passed away, as did Don Knotts.

The truths behind the five Best Picture nominees. presents Peter Jackson's Oscar diary.

"David Lynch, Still Disturbing After 20 Years"

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