PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

We took Zoe up to meet Nana at the nursing home yesterday, and met Mom and Dad there. It went pretty well, all things considered, though Nana needed some help holding zhe bebe. Zoe was quiet the entire time, and then cried the whole way home, including at the drive-through. Sigh.

Finished reading Daredevil: Visionaries and kudoes to Kevin Smith. Clever, intelligent, engrossing stuff. And, the best villain EVAR.

Another Shakespeare movie under my belt, finally saw O last night. Josh Harnett and Julia Styles really stole the show, IMHO. It was pretty decent, all things tolled. My only gripe was the speech at the end. The film stays pretty darn closed to the play, though, so I can see why some teachers would be inclined to use it in their classes. Now, if only someone would do a hot modern version of The Tempest...

Afterwards, watched The Majestic. I could have written the movie after seeing the trailer, it turns out. OK, I wouldn't have dragged out the ending, but hey. This is the guy who did The Shawshank Redemption? More proof that a good movie needs a good script.

Oh, man. I just found out that not only is Frank Darabont French, but he also did filmography work for the original Trancers. That's just wrong.

LJ spelling suggestion of the day: for filmography: 'flameproof.'

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