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"George W. Bush's presidency is another era of overreaction at the expense of constitutional rights, but the prospects for a quick correction are not auspicious. Nothing has helped end earlier bouts of repression so much as the fact that the wars themselves came to a close, and nothing has so exposed our liberties to indefinite jeopardy as the conception of a 'war on terrorism' with no end."
-Paul Starr

Look, actual evidence of the growth of vice-presidential powers. (From the National Review Online, nonetheless.)

Lloyd Garver on Bush, Wendy's, and tax breaks.

Yeah, write your own joke here, people

* Attack destroys famous shrine in Iraq. (BBC gallery.)
* Military confirms they are forcefeeding Guantanamo detainees.
* Bush was unaware of Dubai port deal. Sure am glad he's threatening the veto on this. You know, the veto he hasn't used *once* his entire presidency?
* Dan Froomkin with unanswered questions from the Cheney shooting.
* Guess what the meat industry uses to keep fresh meat red?
* Dana Milbank on Alito's first day.
* Embattled president of Harvard resigns.
* Atlantis is the next Space Shuttle to be retired.
* Judge rules that Google is violating porn copyrights.
* Ugly Olympic outfits.

World's largest Windows error message.

The new emotion we feel for certain celebrities, between idolize and despise.
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