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anthology of vague interest

Selene hit the doctor yesterday, found out what's going on, and got some meds to go with it. So she should be on the road to recovery soonly. Fingers crossed. (She fell asleep on the couch last night watching Eddie Izzard, was very cute.)

Decided that I was just too far behind, and I'm just gonna catch the rest of season two of Battlestar Galactica on DVD. It'll give Selene to catch up on season one. And me a chance to catch up on season one, since I didn't actually start until the start of season two. Heh. In related news, I finally watched the original miniseries, courtesy Netflix. And I only love Dr. Gaius more.

Random day off tomorrow. Money's tight, so, hanging around the house I wager. Saturday, Warmachine tourney at Dream Wizards, and bebe pickup in the evening. Sunday, work, bebe shenanigans. Monday, book club. (Guests and newcomers are always welcome.)

Later today, news, and a bonus, *two-fisted* treat.

Played some City of Heroes last night, along with everyone else trying to get the special event badges for their alts. Heh. Final count came down to three Beautiful/Handsome badges, one Toothbreaker, and the Red Cap badge. Ah, uh, a couple more I'm now forgetting. I greatly enjoy the holiday events, because, well, it's fun to run around with a bunch of other people doing goofy things for no reason. And it's always fun to run into the other badge-whores like myself (71 badges on Gog so far, and he's only level 21.) But, y'know, by the end of an event, I'm pretty much ready to go back to regular playing, and not feel the pressure to get things done by a deadline. Even the Winter Lords got tiring after a while.

Really enjoyed playing with the villains, hadn't really seen them before. If I ever get cloned and have time to actually play CoV, I totally totally have to play a Mastermind.

In related news, my alt of the week is a fire-fire blaster mutant (Burndown,) and man. I realize they put out comparable damage to other blasters, but *damn* if it doesn't look impressive. If I had it all to do over again, I would totally have picked that type of character to be my badge mule, because Aim->Fireball->Firebreath makes taking out groups of pretty much anything much easier.
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