PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"From Hamas' victory in the Palestinian Authority to the resurgence of the theocrats in Tehran to the Talibanization of Southern Iraq, anti-Western religious extremists are in the ascendancy."
-Robert Scheer

Rumsfeld wants the government to back a "nontraditional information campaign", to fight the (PR) war on terror.

Republican party officials ask for church directories, prompting protests.

* How Iran is the real winner of the war in Iraq.
* Bush wants the UN to increase their presence in Darfur.
* Chavez threatens to cut oil exports to the United States.
* New criticism for the New Orleans levee rebuilding project.
* Troops returning to Iraq are finding it a different war. Also, Vietnam vets signing up for Iraq bring a different perspective.
* A Marine talks abut what's really hurting morale over there.
* On the administration and infiltrating Iran.
* Sentencing for Abramoff may be delayed.
* Rumsfeld fires back about UN report on Guantanamo.
* DNA tests challenge a tenet of Mormon belief.
* Religious universities debate the role of academic freedom.
* Digital camera at arm's length: technology fuels the art of the self-portrait.

Today's headline: Mascot Mayhem: Tree Suspended, Alcohol Cited

"NBC spent $613 million to get beaten in the ratings by a CSI, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, and, especially, American Idol. (Perhaps the Olympics would get better ratings if they used amateurs again?)"
-Best Week Ever

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