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Previously, on Lost...


* Previously on Lost: Rousseau! Others! Ghosts! Shannon! Santa!
* Sayid! Shredding! Taking the (proverbial) bullet!
* War scenes = hey, not too bad.
* "Welcome to Hilla." Oh, shit.
* "Go back, Ana-Lucia, and don't tell anyone what you saw." -Sayid
* Heh, he snuck up on Rousseau.
* (Even with her Mimbari face, she's still kind of hot. In a dirty way.)
* Nice use of shadows in the translation scene.
* "What, we ain't friends anymore?" -Sawyer
* Oh, Hurley.
* Hurley and Sawyer versus a frog!
* Crossbow!
* Allow me to announce: Rousseau is hardcore.
* "Loyalty is a virtue. But unquestioning loyalty? I don't think that's you."
* "This is how people get killed in scary movies." -Hurley
* "These people like me." Dizzam, Hurley.
* Change the combination again? Yeesh.
* Welp, time for another Jack/Locke confrontation.
* (The son of a great hero, huh.)
* "There's only one reason to raise an army, Jack." -Locke
* Henry interrogation scene, well done.
* "You want to know who I am?" -Sayid
* Whoah, Jedi frog catching there, Sawyer.
* Oh, Hurley.
* Sawyer, you super jerk.
* Big yellow smiley face balloon? L.a.m.e.
* "You would remember if it was true!" -Sayid
* Open it now, or...
beep beep beep

* Yay Jack, calling out Locke!
* "Who are you!?!" -Sayid
* "To Rousseau, we're all Others." -Locke
* Hey, Kate's dad.
* American money! Ha ha ha, Kurgan, you jerk.
* Talking to Darth Charlie, huh.
* "So, tell me Charlie. Have you forgotten?" -Sayid

Next week episode: CLAIRE REMEMBERS

So, theorizing. There's the idea that everyone was brought to the Island for a reason. Given that: was Sayid brought because he's a soldier, or because, uh, his determination exceeds his ethics?

Bonus link: Drew Goddard signs two-year deal for Lost.
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