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anthology of interest, updated 10:40 ET

Bebe is still sick. This is troubling. Hopefully, bebe will be on the road to recovery in short order. [UPDATE: Just spoke to bebe on the phone, she is sounding better. Whew.]

Dental pain still there, hope to get that investigated Monday. Hoping to drop off car at CarMax one of these afternoons also, just get it looked at before the warranty runs out. Because yes, I've put that many miles on it.

Money's still tight, bills still piling up. I'm not saying there's a light at the end of the tunnel yet, but I will brag and note I've gotten very adept at juggling who needs to get paid when. (This means, of course, I will now get blindsided by *yet another* old debt of which I was not aware.)

Selene and I finished watching season one of Deadwood last night. Man, I forgot how magnificent that last episode was.

The boss at work as a new boss, and she's a hands-on sort of manager, apparently. Which is why she wanted a cube. Right in the same room as us. Meaning, less goofing off at work. Not that things haven't been too busy as of recent anyways.

So, so far behind on catching up with people.

So far behind on BSG that I'm considering waiting for DVD. Seriously.

Did a little City of Heroes last night, but man, it's *frustrating* getting a good team working together in Pocket D. But I can't help it, I'm a badge-whore, it seems. Nose returns to the grindstone sooner or later. (I did get to impress a couple CoV players, who never played CoH, with my fire blaster ways.) [UPDATE: interview discussing... I7. Heavens to betsy.]

Oh, and while I'm rambling, here's Joss Whedon: Rumor Crusher!
Tags: 2006, bebe, gaming, not news, tv
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