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"These attacks on the social safety net for the most vulnerable members of our society are not only patently unfair, in light of Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy, but the simultaneous blank check for the Pentagon cannot be honestly justified by the fight against terrorism. And although the President insists that it is unpatriotic to question his strategies in fighting terrorism, let me risk his opprobrium, and that of the pseudo-conservative bully boys that shill for him in the media, by doing just that."
-Robert Scheer

Fox News used clips from Independence Day in a story about terrorism.

* Domestic wiretapping: more Republicans stand up to the administration; telecom companies are in an awkward position.
* Katrina: more on what the White House knew when; widespread fraud alleged as agencies fail to check aid requests.
* Abramoff: Three more lawmakers named; Abramoff's misuse of charities.
* Bob Barr, principled conservative.
* The Patriot Act heads for renewal.
* "The computerized system that stops Metro trains at station platforms is continuing to deteriorate."
* Online wargames conducted by the government include the threat of... bloggers.
* "A substance produced in the brain... seems to be the culprit, controlling whether the bullied mice turned into fearful hermits or not."
* Nicholas Kristof vs. Bill O'Reilly.
* Raising the bronze eagle of the Graf Spee.
* Two DC comic book stores have a fierce rivalry.
* Bill Nye the Science Guy gets married.

"The citizens of the United States were only half as interested in watching them perform on the Grammys as they were in watching waiters and theme-park janitors on American Idol this week. And the music industry wonders why it keeps losing market share."

Dan Savage on gay actors and gay movies.

Gary Oldman not renewed for Harry Potter 5?

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.

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