PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Scotland, PA is awesome, on a number of levels, from its closeness to MacBeth to, well, Christopher Walken dancing. And the soundtrack! So, so much Bad Company ("Whoah, rockblock.") Very glad I taped this one off the Sundance Channel.

Nifty article on the Oscar debate between leads and supporting. Also covers how the whole process works, which rocks.

* White House cancels poetry symposium to avoid war protests.
* Bush's bait and switch techniques.
* Howard Kurtz is back, on Bush the Budget Buster.
* Some upcoming thoughts on how the budget is actually going to look.
* Nifty article on White House quotes, and 'unnamed officials' speaking.
* Schwarzkopf isn't convinced on the war, either. Bonus, his dim view of Rumsfeld.
* Many of our problems lie in a lack of perspective in the Middle East.
Arguing what Jesus would do about Iraq.
* Too often in modern politics, the
voice of reason
is a cry in the wilderness.
* More politics: After the war, everyone wins.
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