PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"President Bush is talking a lot about science these days. He just doesn't have much interest in listening to scientists."

Dan Froomkin on Bush vs. Science.

Also linked from there:
* Tom Toles cartoon.
* Ronald Brownstein with some common sense on the energy policy.
* So, is it still a conspiracy theory if it turns out to be true?
* A scary story from Bush's pal.

"In the coverage of President Bush's proposed $2.77 trillion budget this morning, reporters are making no bones about the fact that it bears little relationship to reality."

Dan Froomkin on Bush's Fantasy Budget.

Also linked from there:
* Post editorial on the proposed budget.
* "When the estimated cost of the Iraq war soared beyond $300 billion yesterday, White House officials said there were no regrets about humiliating two top aides who had accurately predicted the war's cost."
* How about $1,000 to the reporter who asks Bush a single question?

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