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"A disturbing question lurks behind the literary scandal that won't die: Does authenticity still matter? It is a quality that most people say they admire and value — revere, even — in people, in products and in information. And it is something to which media brands and marketers alike pay homage, with adjectives like 'real,' 'genuine' and 'trusted.' Yet as a business model, authenticity seems to be an increasingly tough way to make a living."

Turns out the NSA domestic surveillance brought few suspects. And Specter chimes in, too. (Bonus: Post's special coverage.)

On Abraham Lincoln and civil liberties. (Courtesy thewronghands.)

* Details on the 2007 federal budget. More domestic cuts, more Medicare cuts.
* Gonzales works to defend his reputation.
* Oil money corruption is fueling the Iraqi insurgency.
* Harold Meyerson on this year's Republican wedge issues. Also, Frist checks the Republican pulse.
* Thousands riot in California jail.
* New Hampshire redefines alcohol possession.
* The oldest Baptist churches in America are struggling.
* Utah legislature divided over evolution proposal.
* Graphic story on reattaching severed fingers.
* Craigslist to start charging money.
* Feminist author Betty Friedan passed away.
* Actor Al Lewis, a.k.a. Grandpa Munster, passed away.

Does evolution threaten religious belief?

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.

[NOTES: Tonight is Super Bowl, and I'll be offline most of tomorrow, so no more news until Tuesday morning. And soon thereafter, Oscar predictions.]
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