PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

I Heard It On NPR:

* "Last summer, the Pennsylvania legislature granted itself a major pay increase. The middle-of-the-night move spawned outrage, and eventually the raise was abolished. But the anger that started with the raise has spawned a movement to unseat the incumbents who approved it in the first place."

* "The bodies of 16 men are discovered in Baghdad Thursday, while an average of 50 bodies riddled with bullets show up at Baghdad's main morgue every day. Staggering statistics mark the Iraq conflict: the growing numbers of kidnappings, murders and bombings that mark day-to-day life in the country."

* Finally, I mentioned the NPR review of Tristram Shandy to a couple people. What I also realized, later, is that my comparison to 24 Hour Party People is particularly appropriate, as the star of that movie is also the star of Tristram.
Tags: movies, news

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