PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Welcome to America, 2006. The House passes new budget cuts. C'mon, guess which programs get cut, and who gets hurt the most.

Riiiiight. Police chief apologizes over t-shirt ejections at the State of the Union.

Maryland legislature thwarts Republican attempt to avoid committee on same sex marriage.

Whatta surprise: White House defends Texas redistricting.

* Jimmy Carter says we should not cut off aid to the Palestinians.
* Joint Chiefs criticize a cartoon by Tom Toles.
* Howard Kurtz on the media coverage of the State of the Union.
* Women sue Wal-Mart over lack of access to contraception.
* West Virginia governor calls for mining shutdown pending safety review statewide.
* In his first vote, Alito sides with the liberal justices in a death penalty case.
* Analysis: how the Republicans pushed through Alito.
* France's riots, three months later.
* Justice Department worries about the impact of a BlackBerry shutdown.
* Comcast profits plummet.
* CBS's John Roberts jumps to CNN.
* A remake of Star Wars Galaxies leaves some gamers in the dark.

Evangelicals turn on Christian filmmakers for hiring a gay actor.

Metro chooses its new voice.
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