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"The offer was this: boats, helicopters, heavy equipment, rescue personnel - even places to stay. The response from FEMA after Hurricane Katrina was no thanks, according to documents obtained by CNN."

George Will on why we need a little cynicism, and why we won't get it. E.J. Dionne Jr. wonders where the outrage is over the budget? And John Dickerson ponders the silliness of the State of the Union speech. Oh, and some governor named Kaine will be giving the rebuttal.

Good read: behind the scenes of the Republicans' plan to pack the courts with conservative judges.

BAGnewsNotes on the women of the Senate.

* DC bans smoking.
* Ooh, interesting challenge to Gonzales, about his own testimony.
* "Last year's [wage increase] was not enough to keep up with inflation. When inflation is considered, overall compensation fell by 0.3 percent." (Courtesy turbogrrl.)
* Record profits continue at oil companies. Maybe we should reconsider some of those hefty tax breaks we give them?
* 'The surge in complex injuries sustained by soldiers in Iraq has challenged the doctors at four special rehabilitation centers.'
* Howard Kurtz on Bob Woodruff and other topics.
* "A federal trial opened Monday over whether a Kansas law prohibiting virtually all sexual activity by people under age 16 means health care professionals and educators must report such behavior to state authorities.'
* Rethinking hormones, again.
* Coretta Scott King passed away.

"When arson investigators in Houston needed help restoring a damaged surveillance tape to identify suspects in a fatal fire, they turned first to local experts and then to NASA. With no luck there, investigators appealed to the owner of one of the most advanced crime labs in the country: Target Corp."

And the Oscar nominations are in; I'll have an article on this in the next couple days, with predictions and picks. Also, kudos for Hollywood for putting these out the day of the State of the Union address!

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