PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Match Point was pretty damned good. A tight drama with excellent characterization and acting. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers does a great job with a tough part. Bonus points for Brian Cox and Spud. The movie is so, so British, in a good way. I don't want to give away the plot, but suffice it to say, it leads you one place, and ends in another. Recommended.

And yes, it's a Woody Allen movie, but he's not in it, so it's OK.

Oh, but the audience was terrible. At least the guy on my right rustling through his popcorn bag ever ten seconds stopped halfway through the movie, when he ran out of popcorn to rustle. The people on Selene's left kept talking through more or less the entire movie. like having conversations. And his voice was just deep enough to carry. Gah. It's enough to drive a movie-o-phile like myself out of theaters.

New Trailers:
* Imagine Me & You - Hmmm. I'm not one for romantic dramedy, but this one might just be British enough to work. Plus, Giles.
* Failure to Launch - a.) I hate trailers that tell you the entire movie plot ahead of time. b.) I hate it worse when I *already* don't like the ending. c.) If Terry Bradshaw is in your movie, don't advertise that fact. d.) I liked this movie a lot better when it was called How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days... which also had Matthew McConaughey. Yeesh.
* Dreamgirls - a.) They're actually advertising this 11 months ahead of time? b.) And by 'advertising,' I mean 'not telling us anything about the movie, only that it's about a girl band.'
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