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Best facial expression ever.

Did some thinking on the Metro this morning about yesterday's discussions, thought I'd get more talk going.

Locke and Eko and the Beast:
OK, and I've been working on this one a while now. The first time Locke sees the Beast, he smiles, and is untouched. The next time we see him stand up to it, it doesn't work for some reason, and he ends up running. We see Eko face it, and I doubt that was the first time he did. When we, uh, pan through the Beast, we see images from his past.

So. Why does the Beast stop at some points, and not at others? Locke, above many others, seems to be at home on the island. Initially I was thinking that the Beast recognized this, which is why he was unscathed. Eko seems to be in control on the island, but doesn't seem to have the connection that Locke does.

My half-assed theory: the Beast didn't attack Locke originally, and Eko later, because they were at peace with themselves. Eko is growing to accept his new role, and his life now has meaning. And as we saw images from his past within the Beast itself, we also know that Eko has come to terms with that, so maybe the Beast could tell that too. Locke has undergone an even more vivid transformation since his arrival (which< I remind you, hasn't remotely been explained.) When Locke faltered in the face of the Beast, he wasn't as confident about things, and seemed to have lost his faith in the island.

Of course, none of this accounts for the pilot getting butchered, but hey, we're still working here.

Also, about that toe-stepping:
How could Hurley have stepped on Libby's toes, when he boarded last, and *she was in the tail of the plane*? I *knew* something was bugging me about that scenario. asdlfkdjaf;hsda

Charlie and Baby-Stealing:
Hey, do we know anyone else who is into stealing children on the island?

Where the hell is Michael? Out drinking with Desmond?

Oh, and:
The HD-only bit from Wednesday's show.

Sawyer is named TV's hottest hunk.
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