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Previously, on Lost...


* Previously, on Lost: ZOMG drugs
* ZOMG bunny slippers
* "You're special, love. SOmeday you're gonna get us all out of here."
* Aah nightmare! The kind with your older brother in underwear!
* ...Segues into a piano-on-the-beach nightmare!
* This just in: Claire is still four feet tall.
* Locke's interest in Aaron = not accidental.
* Ooh, Claire just gave the breakup speech. She just needs space, you see. I was totally hoping she'd say 'it's not you, it's me.'
* I love junkie Charlie flashbacks.
* "Oh, by the way, you have a daughter."
* Hee, Hurley asking about Libby.
* Oh, dear. Religious icon hallucination.
* Worst. Diaper. Commercial. Ever.
* Wait, are the washer and dryer newer than the rest of the equipment?
* Does Hurley know Libby from elsewhere? Like, say, the asylum?
* "I'm marking trees." "Why?" "'Cause these are the ones I like."
* "What if you do need to save the baby?" -Ako
* Baptize? What?
* "You hittin' that?" -Ana-Lucia
* What? There's a parallel between Liam and Charlie? YOU DON'T SAY.
* (I love Liam's shirt.) (Also, this new song freakin' sucks.)("More like Suckshaft." -Charlie, many episodes ago.)
* "Now I'm making that choice for you." -Locke
* Fire!
* He sold the piano? What an ass.
* "What about my family?" -Charlie
* And then, a savage beating.
* ...And they all turn their back on him. Ouch. If only he had done something nicer, like shooting one of their friends.
* Stitches? For three punches?
* OK, totally didn't need to watch the stitching in action.
* Aw, Ako liked those trees.
* Oh, I get it, Claire's a heathen too.
* Paralleling Locke changing the combination, with Ako's dual overhead baptisms, with Locke saving the smack in the vault.

Coming up, on Lost: not scared enough.
(Damnit, 'coming up,' not 'next week.' And by that, they mean February 8th.)

[EDITED 1/29 11:21 AM - Pictures added.]
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