PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

'The first official history of the Iraqi reconstruction depicts a program beset by understaffing, infighting and a lack of technical expertise.'

Threats to the media cloud the American view of Iraq.

Republicans in action: how Republicans worked hard to save the health care industry billions of dollars, at your expense. (Plus bonus graphic.)

Justice officials accused of exerting political influence on voting rights cases.

* The perils of working in an international danger zome.
* UN report on the administration's outsourced torture.
* Secretary Rice's blind spot.
* Canadians choose a minority conservative government. Post offers this FAQ and this Q&A as part of their coverage.
* BAGnewsNotes on Laura Bush's new feminism.
* Can the Democrats profit off Rove's reveal?
* Tom Tomorrow on the unfolding scandal.
* Greenspan's mixed legacy.
* Whoops. BlackBerry loses its Supreme Court appeal.
* Scientists elated at comet dust samples.
* In bat reproduction, size matters.
* New technology may allow us to get replacement teeth. (Courtesy Kermit.)
* Next up: Magnum P.I., the movie.

So long WB and UPN, hello CW.

Why Hollywood is looking forward to 2006.

How to have fun with the government watching your Google searches. (Courtesy Ocho.)

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