PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

rains, pours

Right, so I was late to work this morning.

Oh, no, the story couldn't be that simple.

Let's start last night, where I fell asleep on the couch after chatting with Selene after we watched Dark Water (which should actually be titled "Worst Renting Nightmare Ever.") So, right, shuffled back to bed at some ungodly hour this morning. Which is why I forgot to set my second and third alarm. Slept through the first one. Got up late, got ready for work, realized that I forgot to pack my bag last night. Ack. OK, out of the house even later. Get down to the car, there's ice on the windshield. Not frost, ice. Get out ice scraper, and SNAP, broke it on the first swipe. So, I'm sitting there icebreaking with a shard of plastic from my former ice scraper. Finally get done, slog through traffic to Greenbelt, just miss the Metro, and the announcer cheerfully announces that the next train coming in is being taken out of service for an electrical problem. And they don't put a new train in its place, so the train that finally gets there twenty-two minutes later is literally twice as packed with grumbling Green Line commuters, most of them late for something.

The icing on the cake? When I get into the office, I open the door, and have to walk through a circle of my bosses, who are all standing around talking before their meeting.

As I'm typing this, my co-worker is playing "One Night in Bangkok." Oddly, my co-worker isn't The Fish.

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