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"...The survival rate among Americans hurt in Iraq is higher than in any previous war - seven to eight survivors for every death, compared with just two per death in World War II. But that triumph is also an enduring hardship of the war. Survivors are coming home with grave injuries, often from roadside bombs, that will transform their lives: combinations of damaged brains and spinal cords, vision and hearing loss, disfigured faces, burns, amputations, mangled limbs, and psychological ills like depression and post-traumatic stress."

Will America return to isolationism?

An update on how much the war is actually costing the country, and the price tag keeps growing.

Blue states make their own energy rules, to make up for the federal government's failings.

* More evidence that electronic voting machines are not secure from tampering.
* State lawmakers pushing for a Supreme Court fight over abortion.
* News analysis: is Iraqi unity possible?
* BAGnewsNotes raises some question about Cheney and his footwear.
* "All's not quiet on the military supply front."
* Our allies in action: Pakistan is losing control of its border war hunt for Al Qaeda.
* Virginia wants drivers to pay more for transportation improvements.
* The convergence of star power and activism.
* Eminent domain: activists try to get Souter evicted.
* Mashing up genres in classical music.
* Dick Wolf aims for a younger audience with Law & Order: Conviction.
* From X-Files to Bleak House.
* Dr. Stanley Biber, world renowned sex-change surgery pioneer, passed away. (Bonus: NPR remembrance.)

Soderbergh wants to change how you watch movies, with a simultaneous release on DVD, cable, and the movie theater.

"But in many ways, my being fat also makes me pretty good for the economy."

Ten things we didn't know this time last week. (Bonus: how to survive a shark attack.)

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