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A couple friends went and saw some good movie this weekend. To balance out the movie karma, Selene and I went to see Underworld: Evolution. Which was bad. Sure, we get some good vampire vs. werewolf action, and the convoluted plots and impractical clothing of the original. But, in a mistake reminiscent of the second Matrix movie, I think the Underworld crew got too caught up in themselves, and as a result lost some of the tight pacing and action of the original. All the same elements were there, but the package wasn't as fully formed as in the first one, so the whole really suffers.

New trailers:
* Silent Hill - Oooh. Different from the game, but lookin' creepy. (Bonus: directed by the guy who did Brotherhood of the Wolf.)
* Stay Alive - OK, movie dudes. If you have two trailers, both for horror movies about/based on video games, put the crappy one first. trust me on this.
* V for Vendetta - New trailer shows a lot more. Including some shots right from the book, and some things *distinctly not* from the book. I'm still interested (there seems to be enough of the original in there,) but the new one is much more Matrix-y.
* Ultraviolet - a.) Definitely, in no way, based on the TV show I made people watch. b.) I liked this movie a lot when I saw it when it was called either Aeon Flux or Dark Angel. c.) then again, I dig Equilibrium, so it might be fun.
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