PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Long weekend of not much happening. One day of five clothing changes for zhe bebe. A fine, fine Super Bowl party, at the house of Holly Hobby and Agent Black. I treasure these (now rare) big gatherings of my friends, since I don't get to see a lot of them anymore. Zoe came along, and was relatively well-behaved.

Monday was pediatrician's appointment, working evening to cover for sick co-workers, and consequently staying up late to watch Joe Millionaire. I'm no longer rooting for the Andi McDowell chick, but that kinda leaves me without anyone to support. Ah well.

And I think I am too tired to hit the concert I wanted to hit tonight, dabnabbit. An afternoon of grocery shopping and errands isn't gonna help, that's for sure.

John LeCarre makes his case against the war.

And a great article on a non-TV watcher watching for the first time. Lots of stuff on television and mass-market media in our modern culture. J'adore.
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