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Previously, on Lost...

What I meant to say was...

* Previously, on Lost: filthy pirates.
* Crap, another Jack episode.
* "What he's looking for is a miracle."
* This just in: Michael's going after his son.
* "That's really good thinking, John." -Jack

Sawyer: Did you just throw a banana at me?
Kate: I couldn't find a rock.

* So, how does that chick Gabrielle know all about Jack?
* So, Jack didn't have a great marriage.
* "Oh, yeah. That's my favorite leaf. How could I forget this place?" -Sawyer
* Crap, Michael's going north! EEE
* Hee, Jin's new hat.
* "The path of a man who know where he's going?" -Locke
* "Who are we to tell anyone what they can or can't do?" -Locke
* Yay advice from Jack's dad! He's one of my favorite flashback characters.
* "After the census, Hurley gave me the flight manifest." -Locke
* Sawyer's out for revenge? Huh.
* So, uh, what nationality is Gabrielle supposed to be?
* "Don't worry about Michael. He's not going to find us."
* "It's time we had a talk."
* Hee, Hurley.
* "This music is quite depressing." -Sayid
* "Walt's fine. He's a very special boy."
* Incidentally, yes, the "blessed by curiosity" quote is, in fact, Alvar Hanso.
* "This is our island."
* Oh, dumb Kate. Heh, Luger.
* "You and me ain't done, Zeke." -Sawyer
* Meanwhile, back on Failure Island...
* Aw, no one can stay mad at Jin.
* Hey, way to ease into that conversation, Jack. ("I'm leaving you, Jack.") Nevermind.
* "You will always need something to fix." -Sarah
* "See you, James." -Locke
* Hee, Locke and Aaron still crack me up.
* "How long do you think it would take to train an army?" -Jack
* (So, uh, where's Michael?)

Next week: baby and stuff.
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