PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Get Your War On is updated! And bonus, new filing techniques.

Hmmm. Found a couple good songs on compilations and soundtracks by the London Suede. Anyone know if it is worth tracking down one of their albums?

Today's ounce from my forty goes out to Haldir, the round-faced elf who gives hope to all us round-faced people of the world.

I hope my daughter doesn't want to get into sports in college, since the administration wants to mess around with Title IX now. Equality, schmequality.

Gene variation appears to have effect on memory.</a>

* FCC to hold public hearing on media ownership rules.
* Federal judge rules hearings for a jailed Muslim activist must be open to the public.
* Sanity prevails: judge dismisses McDonald's obesity suit.
* The tragedy of the permanent campaign trail.
* Great article on XM: the salvation of radio, by one of the men that ruined it?
* Tuition at U-Md. on the rise again.
* Obesity and the dinner plate: portion sizes going up, both in eating home and eating out.
* This could be a cool new young adult scifi book.

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