PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"The plumb line that runs down through the cesspool of the festering Abramoff-DeLay scandal is the conceit that the scions of the Reagan Revolution, a generation of young Republican activists summoned by God and party, were morally superior creatures who had only pure ideological motives for cutting the country's social safety nets in the name of 'small government.'"
-Robert Scheer

Nice reversal there. In an attempt to revive the failing proposal, the administration sets rules on supplies and prices of drugs.

BBC Q&A on the Iran nuclear stand-off.

* And the hits keep on coming. The Abramoff scandal's next star: Ralph Reed.
* The anti-abortion crowd gets quiet.
* More evidence that Florida shouldn't be allowed to vote, much less decide presidential elections. (Courtesy rackletang.)
* Unsettling analysis of the fallout of the Alito hearings.
* Howzabout a lesson in nationbuilding? Army sends in more MPs to train the Iraqi police.
* Brent Scowcroft on success in Iraq.
* Religious leaders ask the IRS to investigate two churches which they claim have become de facto political organizations.
* Wire your own punchline: "Iran Plans Holocaust Conference"
* CDC recommends doctors stop the use of two popular flu antivirals, after the most common strain of the flu becomes resistant in record time.
* Space capsule carrying comet dust returns safely.
* Plutonium-fueled probe to Pluto set to launch.
* "Walden Media has bought the rights to a children's book trilogy by the Chilean author Isabel Allende."

"Should major newspapers and networks have agreed to suppress the news that Christian Science Monitor stringer Jill Carroll had been kidnapped in Iraq? ...Since when are journalists in the business of sitting on news? And would they have imposed a 48-hour blackout for a non-journalist?"
-Howard Kurtz

Do ants teach?

Shedding light on the secretive movie ratings process.

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