PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"This is no more a judicial confirmation hearing than O.J. Simpson's was a criminal trial."
-Dahlia Lithwick

Hahaha, good work, guys. "Many states declare health emergencies as seniors are overcharged, turned away under new federal prescription drug program."

Great read: Howard Kurtz on conservative criticism of the press.

The Wall Street Journal discusses the Republicans' real problems. "This strategy has maintained a narrow majority, but at the cost of doing anything substantial."

* Anti-gay marriage bill in Virginia may affect unmarried couples living together as well.
* As governor, Warner breaks new ground in death penalty debate.
* Administration opens up more Alaskan wilderness to drilling.
* Clarifying exactly how much top corporate execs make.
* Conservative website launches Swift-Boat attack on Murtha.
* What was Robertson thinking?
* Gay activists in South Africa storm the blood banks.
* It's raining in Seattle, but yes, it's news.
* Ted Koppel turned down Al Jazeera.
* Pamela Anderson vs. Colonel Sanders. No, really.
* Hollywood reconsiders pay system for talent.
* Tim Robbins considers a new movie version of 1984.
* David S. Goyer discusses the new Blade TV movie.
* A day to celebrate Britishness?

Hee. The City Paper annotates the latest on Major League Baseball and the stadium.

Best headline of the week: Pre-Human Child Eaten by an Eagle

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