PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Hung out with Baroness last night. Yay! Belated present too. First, tasty s00shi, then to the AFI (wasn't I just there?) to catch...

Casanova was pretty damn good, for what it was. Which was a romance flick with comedy and some action, and scads of awesome costumes. Would have made a great summer film; fun, attractive, entertaining, but not overly deep. And honestly not realistically historical in any way. The casting director deserves an award, too. Everyone does a great job with some relatively goofy roles. Also, the henchmen really made the movie. I'm a big fan of henchmen, and everyone was cast and used really well here. Even Jeremy Irons pulls off some laughs.

New trailers:
* The New World - Slightly longer trailer. Why is this movie being delayed so much? Makes me suspicious. Anyways, looks pretty, but I will totally wait on reviews.
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