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12 January 2006 @ 08:51 am
Awesome essay behind the scenes at Marvel Comics, looking at their financial woes and how they could have saved it. And the bad news. (Bonus: praise for Grant Morrison's brilliant run on New X-Men.)

Why TV is better than movies.

Cinescape names the best soundtracks of 2005.

"You know the cinematic device of juxtaposing an innocuous pop song against horrifying onscreen events... It turns out that this device, musical as it is, predates the era of sound film. And was used by Cecil B. DeMille, no less."
mediaprophetmediaprophet on January 12th, 2006 02:34 pm (UTC)
TV is better than movies.... Because Hollywood has been in The Land of Suck lately. So sayeth that article. Do you agree?
PMMJ: Darth Tyrannuscheetahmaster on January 12th, 2006 03:08 pm (UTC)
I entirely and categorically disagree. They are different art forms. It's why you can't really compare a book to a movie version of the same, or compare an opera to a comic book.

A TV show gets hours and hours to build their story and characterization; the average season is 22 episodes. A movie gets only two-ish hours to be done with the whole thing.
Jake Thrashjakethrash on January 13th, 2006 04:04 am (UTC)
Interesting essay on Marvel comics. And it mentions Sequential Tart!