PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Nando with the scoop: 'Buffy' producers prepared for series' possible end.
Note: contains possible spoilers for both Buffy and Angel.

Welcome warmaster, aka Magistrate! He *finally* took my advice, bit the bullet and got his own LJ. Next target: Velvet.

And you can only have ten icons, even with a paid LJ account? Mother bitches.

Wednesday afternoon, Red Queen's mother went home, and I have started back to work as of yesterday. I'm all about rebuilding a routine, and all.

Wednesday night was also a mission out with Operative X, where we caught Les Sans Culottes at the downstairs stage at the new Black Cat. The band was every bit as good as when I first saw them, at CMJ in Oct 2001 with a certain special someone (Georgia) up in NYC. The audience was really into them, as well, and when the second band came out, a good half the crowd cleared out, us included.

Funny how old pictures you didn't expect to see can remind you of feelings you were trying to not deal with. And stuff.

Anyone know of a good cure for baby's hiccups? She gets them all the time. Probably the result of the devil's bargain I made, so I would never get the hiccups and they would all go to my firstborn. Few more guests recently, RQ's cousin, Holly Hobby, Baroness, Agent Dieter's brother (who needs a code name!)

Man, I need to see Kangaroo Jack soon, so I can clear time for Daredevil and Shanghai Knights.

Freakishly large 325-million-year-old cephalopod fossil found in Arkansas.

More links and stuff later. Ultraviolet part two tonight. No work this weekend. Suh-weet-a.

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