PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Supreme Court nominee Samuel A. Alito, Jr.'s crucible before the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday was very much like the judge himself: bland, laconic, and tireless."
-Andrew Cohen

Post editorial on Bush's sneaky continued support of torture.

The new face of outsourcing in India, and what it means for American jobs.

"DeLay tried to pressure the Bush administration into shutting down an Indian-owned casino that lobbyist Jack Abramoff wanted closed - shortly after a tribal client of Abramoff's donated to a DeLay political action committee."

* New evidence and details on the secret CIA prisons overseas.
* Anne Applebaum thinks this lobbying scandal sounds familiar.
* Lloyd Garver on Abramoff scandal comedy.
* E.J. Dionne Jr. has a lesson from Somalia.
* Israel pulls plug on Pat Robertson deal. (Courtesy Mistress Sassy.)
* The contenders for DeLay's chair have shady lobbyist pasts also.
* Ward Sloane on getting answers from the government.
* Why companies want diabetes treated, not prevented.
* The winners of the People's Choice Awards are in.

Ehrlich stirs controversy with his support of stem cell research. Looks like he's turning centrist.

A mystery: some people get bird flu but don't get sick.

Today's headline: Libraries Have Books Bound in Human Skin

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