PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Revisionist rhetoric notwithstanding, the founders left God out of the Constitution.and it wasn't an oversight." (Courtesy Iceman.)

Guess what? The government is opening your mail from abroad, to protect you from terrorism. Congrats.

Evidence that FEMA literally doesn't know what's going on with Katrina refugees.

"Most Americans believe that corruption in Congress is widespread, and even larger majorities support far-reaching reforms that would effectively end lobbying as it is currently practiced on Capitol Hill."
Also, polls show a real anti-incumbent vibe in the public.

* Good read: Durbin's opening statement.
* Analysis: "There has been a clear disconnect between the zeal of activists and the detachment of the general public."
* Alito, it seems, is no Roberts.

* What's Rumsfeld up to?
* Administration rejects German call to shut down Guantanamo camp.
* 'Proposals to tighten border controls in the US have been condemned by Mexican and Central American foreign ministers.'
* BAGnewsNotes on Katrina tours.
* It is a federal crime to annoy people on the Internet without using your real name. (Coutresy thewronghands.)
* Brits face trial over Bush-Al Jazeera claim.
* Bremer defends his tenure in Iraq.
* Maryland and Virginia are dealing with surpluses.
* New hope from bionic cochlear implants.
* A new approach to chronic hiccups.
* Bad eating habits gone global. (Courtesy Callico.)
* J.K. Rowling on the prevalence of death in the Harry Potter series.
* Huh. A new animation and comics group involving Marvel, Deepak Chopra, John Woo, and Shekhar Kapur. (Courtesy summer_queen.)

Good read: a centrist becomes a convert in the debate over glocal warming.

Spacecraft brings back comet dust.

ZOMG Aquaman TV pilot.
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