PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

KARAOKE 1/6/2005

Selene and I traipsed out to the Patriot's Cafe in, uh, Fairfax, I think. Definitely Virginia somewhere. Met up with her cohorts out there, for a fun-filled evening of musical comedy. Although, I note, only three of us actually sang, but a good time was had by all.

You'll note that we didn't get many songs in. Well, 66% of us got three songs in, which is barely adequate for a Friday night, I suppose. Kind of lame since we were there right at the beginning. The KJ was relatively strict about his system. No scraps of paper, just a sign-up clipboard. You couldn't write down a new song until you completed your old one. If you were part of a duet or group, that counted for your go that round. Etc. It seemed fair, but definitely stretched things out towards the end of the night. But the selection was decent, and the KJ did keep things rolling along.

anevergreen - "Time After Time"
Me - "In the Ghetto"
Selene - "Crazy"
anevergreen - "My Immortal"
Me - "Gimme Shelter" (Shocked and delighted that they had it.)
Selene - "Sex and Candy"
anevergreen - "Everywhere to Me"
Me (and an unknown guest star) - "Bust A Move" (One of the last songs of the night.)

I totally need to learn to do "Rebel Yell" as well as the guy in the Iron Maiden t-shirt and Utilikilt, 'cause he got all the drunk chicks up and dancing.

I would be remiss if I did not note that two of our "Coco Boyz" (safetypup and lorddundar,) did, in fact, get up to do "The Humpty Dance."
Tags: karaoke, not news

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