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Let's see, been a while.

Money went bad this week, as the bank decided I shouldn't use my credit card until I've paid it down some. Which would be fine, if they hadn't also decided to take out this month's payment from my account without asking me first. Which is, in fact, the money I needed for, like, getting by this week (I get paid next Tuesday.) Ouch. So, plans canceled/rearranged. Selene has, as always, been a huge help here, in addition to keeping me sane and slightly less stressed.

Oh, and the cops finally caught me as we were driving home RQ from the airport. Turns out I was supposed to have my emissions checked a couple months after I got the car. (Why the hell don't they just do that at the dealership? Jerkasses.) Anyways, a nice ticket as a 'reminder' to get it done, too. Oh well. The cop was nice, at least, and didn't give me the bigger fine. Thank heavens for small blessings.

Tragically missed clubbing last night, to celebrate the birth of ammitnox. Feh. I mean, technically, I *had* been there the past two weeks, but feh nonetheless.

Bebe's new day care seems nice, very school-like. I'm sure it'll take her a bit to adjust, but hopefully she'll be there for a while. It is a bit farther out for me (like, Rockville.) But hey, I sure do love driving!

Work's going to be a little goofy this month, lot of switching days.

Slowly but surely making it through my "list of people to catch up with."

JubJub talked me back into Puzzle Pirates over the holidays. Not that it took a *lot* of convincing, of course. Game's definitely changed since I was there last (furniture?)

My to-do list is nigh out of control. Seriously, it's like a full sheet of things. And note how I haven't even mentioned any progress on the moving front? Yeah, that's not accidental.

Despite previous thoughts otherwise, got to catch both Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal at the AFI this week. (Kudoes to RQ for making the scheduling do-able.) (And to Selene for a crazy driving scheme on Thursday.) Labyrinth was big fun, even if the audience was filled with larpers and Hot Topic shoppers. I had forgotten how startlingly glam David Bowie is until I saw him on the big screen. Movie is still great, though. The Dark Crystal, on the other hand, was a lot weirder than I remember. Still enjoyable, mind you, and gloriously muppet-ous. But, yeah, off. Audience skewed older too, it seemed. Oh, and the music, wow. Now I remember why no one owns the soundtrack to that one.

Almost done with new icons. Almost. Figured out how to use Paint Shop Pro on the work computer, which was a big boon to that process.

(Don't get me started on how I need to come up with a whole new set of code names, either. So tempted just to drop the gimmick.) (Speaking of which, I need a new code name for the Persian known as "Imam" so send in your suggestions!)

And I'm sure there's ten things I'm forgetting, so, yeah.

Next, shaving and showering. Tonight, most likely karaoke out in Virginny. Tomorrow, work and City of Heroes. Sunday, big bebe day, hitting Selene's parents' house out near Waldorf.

[Updates in comments, 2:27 PM ET.]
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