PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

real quick

Clubbin' was big fun.

Got there halfway through the set by In Tenebris. Gothy and cool, I picked up the CD for a song. The Birthday Massacre was indeed awesome, and put on a good show.

Comparing and contrasting: the lead singer for In Tenebris had a better voice than the chick headlining TBM. However, the TBM chick had a lot better stage presence. Also, the band was better for the latter. Not that the first were bad, mind you. They were just both sides of the same coin. Anyways. Kudoes to Nimue for the tip-off on this one.

Thereafter, hung out a fair amount with 224215152 and safetypup. Much dancing was had; just as I was planning to get ready to go, the music kick in to 'good.' So I danced a bit too much, and got here mucho late-o.

More tomorrow, possibly.
Tags: clubbing, not news

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