PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

US military refuses to hand over prisoners to officials in Iraq until conditions improve. Plus, eight people died in a shootout inside an Iraqi jail over there. Oh, and we found another "torture jail" too.

Manassas redefines 'family' with their new (somewhat racist) ordinances. (See also.)

(Actually, I think we need a shorter primary season, not a longer one.)

* Ted Rall presents "If Jesus Lived Now."
* Local news: the slow demise of Landmark Mall.
* Sifting for facts on the bird flu pandemic fears.
* Testing Einstein's theories on quantum mechanics.
* Should elephants be kept in zoos?
* Inside America's first Muslim sorority.
* Lloyd Garver has an excellent recap of the "war on Christmas."
* Check out Bush's
reading list.
* A woman describes her first day as a nude model for an art class.

Good read, on Munich: viewing terrorism through the film lens.

BAGnewsNotes on the "pro-war picture of the year."

The UK's top ten most missed TV series.

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    "I don't know what to do with good white people."

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