PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"The courts cannot and will not be used any longer as mere tools to achieve the particular purposes of an administration, even one that is fighting at home against terrorists, real or perceived."
-Andrew Cohen

Good read: Eugene Robinson looks at Bush's justifications for the executive power grab.

E.J. Dionne Jr. on corrupt budget cuts.

South Dakota works to make it nearly impossible to get an abortion.

* Senators Obama and Brownback question Bush's policy on Darfur.
* Federal judges find a pattern of bias in asylum cases.
* One Congressman's dealings illuminate the intersection of politics, money and homeland security in the post-9/11 era.
* Heh. Chalabi misses out on the new Iraqi government.
* Is Ehrlich losing his base?
* Japan works on gender equality.
* Contractors look into the future of military spending.
* A new approach to land conservation.
* A new approach to reprocessing nuclear waste.
* "As the video-game market matures, these 'serious games' are beginning to win advocates, who see them as great teaching tools, and grab the attention of large numbers of players."
* "You have permission to eat... but I recommend you don't overdo it." -Ariel Sharon
* The European box office declined in 2005.
* Character actor Vincent Schiavelli passed away.

Swingers clubs legalized in Canada. interviews Jimmy Carter.

"I'm counting on the Internet to destroy the music industry. That's its first job. Then I'd like to see it take on the movie world. I would have lived on the Internet as a kid. I would have been not me, which is what I wanted to be all my life."
-Joss Whedon

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