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American airstrikes are leading to increased civilian casualties in Iraq. In related news, the military confirms a recent surge in the use of airstrikes.

Welcome to America, 2005: Muslim mosques, homes, and businesses were secretly monitored for radiation nationwide.

Turns out the NSA was spying on a lot more telephone and internet communications than the administration let on. Seems that rumors of data mining are panning out. Also, remember that case Bush cited?

Wait. Did Cheney just come clean about the presidential power grab?

* "Except for Iraq's elections and its constitutional referendum, President Bush flailed, stumbled or simply disappeared when the going got tough in 2005." -Jim Hoagland
* One anonymous Republican senator is blocking the intelligence bill.
* How the new legislation will affect detainees.
* So. Is the Court Catholic?
* Our brave allies: Putin continues to inhibit democracy in his neighbors.
* The recent batch of Bush pardons includes a lawyer who donated heavily to the Republican party.
* Taking the Christmas out of Christ.
* New challenges to the water-on-Mars theory.
* Gruesome: grave robbers stealing parts of corpses for sale on the medical black market.
* Dodo graveyard uncovered.
* Oops. London may have won the Olympics accidentally.
* Judge blocks violent video games law.
* Good riddance to Monday Night Football.
* Oh, Sir Ian McKellan, you scamp.
* Woman ends argument by swallowing the cell phone.

Hey, the year wasn't all bad in politics. "You're doing a heckuva job, Brownie."

Holocaust 'Avengers' reunite.

NPR presents the story of a mysterious fire in West Virginia that may or may not have lead to the deaths of five children, sixty years ago.

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