PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"FBI counterterrorism investigators are monitoring domestic U.S. advocacy groups engaged in antiwar, environmental, civil rights and other causes, the American Civil Liberties Union charged yesterday as it released new FBI records that it said detail the extent of the activity."

Judge bars 'intelligent design' from Pennsylvania science classes.

On NPR's use of political think tanks.

* George F. Will wonders why Bush didn't just ask Congress.
* Cheney's cheerleading falls on deaf ears.
* Ethnic riots in Australia.
* Ehrlich sends Christmas cards to 40,000 of his closest friends.
* Failed Beagle 2 probe located on Mars.
* This just in: Barbie routinely tortured by children.
* Continuing ABC's relationship with religion, Barbara Walters has a special on heaven.
* Best DVD bonus materials of 2005.

"Giving people 'the creeps' at Christmas is a serious thing, so we decided some actual reporting might be in order.'

"I mean, this is not Madison, Wisconsin, where you expect those people to be communing with Satan."
-Bill O'Reilly presents thirteen controversial movies.

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    Zen Pencils takes on "Ozymandis."

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    io9 picks their winners and losers from Comic Con 2014. ( I was honestly impressed with that Mad Max trailer.)

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    As a reminder: three of the top ten movies at the box office so far this year are comic book movies, including the #1 slot, and that's not including…

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