PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"The Pentagon's newest counterterrorism agency, charged with protecting military facilities and personnel wherever they are, is carrying out intelligence collection, analysis and operations within the United States and abroad."

Post analysis of Bush's speech from last night. And the Times analysis finds the president humble and firm. (Bonus analysis by Tom Shales.)

"The White House is planting its flag in startling new legal turf and daring the other two branches to do something about it."
-Andrew Cohen

* Gonzales defends domestic surveillance.
* Iceman on the American media and Libya.
* BAGnewsNotes on the sacking of an embedded journalist.
* The lone Congressman who voted against the Patriot Act now has company.
* House legislative year ends with all-nighter.
* Drug makers have Medicare questions, in the face of the big overhaul.
* Gay wedding ceremonies get underway in the UK. Oddly enough, civilization as we know it doesn't collapse.
* Dang. The Chargers stop the Colts' perfect season.
* Author of the Roswell press release passed away.

Woolly mammoth DNA decoded.

"Mr. Freeman said in a phone interview Wednesday from Dubai that the industry practice of showing feature films in theaters first, then selling them later on DVD, was outdated. With new advances in digital filmmaking, he predicted, consumers will demand better access to movies."

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