PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

LAST NIGHT was poker with a few of Selene's friends in Columbia. Fun! And as noted elsewhere, she cleaned everyone out, so, more's the better.

TODAY was, after a late start, a big kids-friendly party at safetypup's pad. Big fun! I was worried it would be too tiring, what with a passel of kids there (12?) But everyone got along well, for the most part. Fun was had, even by us adult-types.

Zoe communes with Jocelyn.

Arden, Zoe, and Christina work on gingerbread houses.
(Well, graham cracker and frosting houses. Close enough.)

Dana, under siege.

The war continues.

Zoe and Aria play with their toy dinosaurs.

And, after the party's over, the catbeast finds his comfy spot under the TV.

Feel free to pass these along to other party-attendees who don't read my LJ.

Tomorrow, book shopping, Narnia, and book club party. Good times. Busy times, but good times.
Tags: bebe, not news, pics

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