PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"There ought to be a law forbidding newspapers, radio or television stations from reporting the name of a lottery winner unless, at the same time, they listed the name of every single loser." -from a fine article by Andy Rooney.

Man, I used to hate Andy Rooney. I think it's just his voice though. I like reading his columns now infinitely more than I liked listening to him close out every episode of 60 Minutes. Anyways. Rambling.

And the freaky mystery of the stone circles may have been solved.

* "(Of course, the folks who seem most upset by affirmative action don't seem terribly concerned about preferential treatment for children of alumni -- how do you think Dubya got into Yale? -- not to mention star quarterbacks.)" -Howard Kurtz
* Peter Schrag on the states and the 'stimulus package.'
* Greg Dobbs asks why Iraq and not North Korea?
* Robert L. Maginnis keeps it real and says why we should attack Iraq.
* But then, here's a funny idea: why don't we try to make peace?

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