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Selene and I caught the late night showing of Walk the Line last night at a subpar theater near home. The movie is good, even if it does only cover a portion of Johnny Cash's life. The casting, however, was brilliant. Joaquin Phoenix was *phenomenal*, and really sounded like Cash, had down the mannerisms, expressions, etc., and on top of that, acted the part really well. Reese Witherspoon will likely get a nomination for her role as well, and also deserves as such. And the bevy of walk-on famous people was fun as well. The script didn't shy away from the darker aspects of the people, as well. Worth seeing in theaters, just for the music.

New trailers:
* Fun with Dick and Jane - Not an overly new trailer, but this one gives them a little more motivation (screwed over by an evil corporate type.) (And by that, I mean a Baldwin.) Still looks amusing.
* Casanova - I really wish I didn't want to see this. Also, having this trailer soon after a Brokeback Mountain trailer cracks me up.
* Munich - Slightly different trailer, slightly more engrossing. Plays up the ethical crisis angle more. Still, rough subject.
* Tristan and Isolde - I *do* like my medieval tales dark and grim, so this doesn't disappoint there. And hey, it's the hot harpy chick from Underworld getting it on with the son of the Green Goblin, so that's something.
* The Family Stone - Theme from today's trailers: people falling down, and it's funny. Big ensemble cast, including the other Wilson brother and Rachel McAdams, which almost cancels out Sarah Jessica Parker and Craig T. Nelson. Waiting on reviews.
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