PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Some American journalists intent on fact-checking President Bush's vision of Iraq are finding it too dangerous to inspect the areas Bush yesterday cited as models of success. Which sort of tells you the story right there."
-Dan Froomkin

The propaganda presidency of George W. Bush.

Good read: Robert Scheer on American democracy for sale.

"In fact, the Democrats have one, simple job for the next 11 months: to not do anything stupid to get in the way of the GOP's overall campaign of self-immolation."

* Military to probe contractors firing on civilians in Iraq.
* Administration admits that the Red Cross has not had access to all detainees. Well, duh.
* Gallup poll on discrimination in the workplace.
* Charles Krauthammer is unhappy with the bungling of the Hussein trial.
* David Ignatius follows the oil money.
* Montgomery county still argues over sex-ed classes.
* A look at the project to drill into the San Andreas Fault.
* Tulane looks at major cuts.
* Nobel winners slam Bush on science.

Healthier Pop Tarts *and* Cheez-Its? Sign me up.

HBO as America's Jane Austen.

Killing ogres in China: global outsourcing for all your MMORPG needs.

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