PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"If this manipulation of the press continues, how will we ever know what is a legitimate news story or column and what is something paid for by the government?"
-Lloyd Garver

A realistic look at the progress in Mosul and Najaf, Bush's examples. Also, listen to a related story from NPR on the truth on the ground in Iraq.

Good read: Dick Meyer wants to save the 9/11 Commission.

David S. Broder thinks it's time for cleaning up the House.

* House and Senate reach deal on the Patriot Act.
* A rift forms at the ACLU.
* "FEMA's top official was told more than a year before Hurricane Katrina that the agency's emergency response teams were unprepared for a major disaster and were operating under outdated plans."
* Dana Milbank on Wolfowitz.
* "Many states are not yet serious about teaching science."
* Digging a new subway tunnel, an old wall is found underground.
* Photo gallery of the week in sports.

Hope for human medicine in the newly-decoded dog genome.

Ten pages of the FBI file on John Lennon remain secret.

Why Serenity is coming to DVD so quickly.

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