PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Only nine of the more than 500 Guantanamo captives have even been charged with crimes, and their trials are being prolonged year after year. This is exactly the situation habeas corpus is designed to remedy. And without it, the captives can rot in prison forever and possibly be subject to torture and inhumane treatment that the courts are unable even to learn about."

Richard Cohen thinks it's time for Rumsfeld to go.

Democrats consider dropping the dominance of the New Hampshire primary. About time, I say.

* How the CIA deliberately mislead an Italian anti-terror investigation. Also, a German man files a case against the CIA over rendition.
* Judge dismisses some of the charges against DeLay, but lets the money laundering charge stand.
* Surprising political conversations in the green room. Also, Tom Tomorrow on holding a dialogue.
* How the Abramoff scandal helps McCain.
* Residents abandon high-priced housing markets.
* Three Pakistani sisters stand up against forced marriage.
* Life after the bomb in Kazakhstan.
* Stopping an epidemic on the roads of India.
* A debate over ethics follows the groundbreaking facial transplant surgery.
* Professor who canceled planned intelligent design class claims he was assaulted.
* Scientists gets firsthand look at the formation of an iceberg.
* Wikipedia tightens its submission rules, after receiving complaints about errors.
* Editorial cartoonists to stage protests on cuts.
* Jack Colvin, who played reporter Jack McGee on The Incredible Hulk, passed away.

Study finds Beethoven died of lead poisoning.

New mammal spotted in Borneo.

[Bonus: McShifty's DC news hour, on the smoking ban and civil unions.]

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