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01 December 2005 @ 01:38 pm
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Dick Meyer looks at the 25th anniversary of the Reagan revolution.

Bill Maher wants just one Karl Rove for the other side.

* Analysis: more detail, but no new substance.
* Analysis: regaining control of Iraq and the home front.
* Strategy does not address problems.
* Enlightening info on how Bush views the war.
* BAGnewsNotes examines the stage and staging.
* Poll shows most Americans remain skeptical.

* Walgreens disciplines four pharmacists for refusing to give out the morning-after pill.
* Investigating Iraqi propaganda.
* A new wrinkle in the Padilla case.
* Mexico opposes more border fences.
* Bills come due for hurricane victims.
* AIDS activists to remind the world of promises of support.
* A Saudi woman's bravery in the face of domestic violence.

How climate change will directly change Europe.

Bonus: Wal-Mart dance party.
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