PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on Lost...

Hurley, you magnificent scene-stealing bastard.

* (Huh, no 'previously on Lost, and credits before the title.)
* Jin demonstrates what we call "fanservice."
* Makeshift gravedigging shovel, dang.
* "I love her."
* And then a black horse showed up.
* You know, Kate never really looks younger in any of these flashbacks.
* (Selene: Does everyone on this show have daddy issues? Me: A-yup.)
* Also, she rides a chopper, because she's a rebel, you see.
* And then the house blew up.

Eko: I'm going to go to the funeral.
Ana Lucia: I don't think I'm going to make it.

* Sayid, then Jack, then Locke.
* So, why is she disbelieving the horse? Is it somehow less credible than the polar bear? Or the smoke?
* Heh, Jack returns to the bunker with 24 seconds left.
* Thanks for almost destroying the planet, Kate!
* Eee, the marshall!
* OMG Locke freed Jin from the handcuff!!!one!1!
* Michael examining the bunker, and the... blast doors.
* Movie time!
* Yeah, about those splices.
* "Do you believe in ghosts, Sayid?" -Kate
* OK, Mr. Cop, I guess you *do* have it all figured out. Heh.
* Josiah! False gods! "We found a book."
* "So. Rose's husband's white. Didn't see that coming." -Hurley
* "It's, like, transference." -Hurley
* Yay Kate's real dad.
* Yay Kate's real dad.

Kate: So why didn't you kill him?
Kate's real dad: Because I don't have murder in my heart.

* Wait, Sawyer's channeling Wayne? This whole scene is hella weird.
* So Kate's big secret is that she killed her dad, and thinks she's a bad person at heart. Huh.
* "Are we saved?" -Sawyer
* Hee, Eko's expression, watching Locke splice the film together.
* "Don't mistake coincidence for fate." -Eko
* [On leaving the bunker.] "Son of a bitch." -Sawyer
* "Home sweet home." -Sawyer
* "You know that horse, freckles?" -Sawyer
* You know, I expected a little more revelation from the repaired film.
* Wait. Another incident?
* And finally...

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