PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"No one outside the Bush administration knows how decisions are made in handling terror suspects, and judges have essentially no role in reviewing the decisions."

Egads. The Pentagon has dramatically increased its domestic surveillance.

The administration needs high-level economists, soon, and will have a hard time getting them.

New Orleans is being forsaken.

Reality vs. fantasy in the debate over the use of torture.

* Meanwhile, Moktada al-Sadr gains more power in Iraq.
* An Iraqi political leader wants the US to let them get tough on insurgents.
* Allawi reports abuses in Iraq remains just as bad as under Hussein.
* Former US general to join Hussein's defense team.
* Soldiers off the hook for burning bodies in Afghanistan.
* Cheney just won't take questions. Exactly what I want in my civil servants.
* Is Trent Lott poised for a comeback?
* Steele distances himself from Ehrlich.
* New Jersey, why you so crazy?
* A school debates use of a Native American logo.
* Some praise for No Child Left Behind.
* DC officials violate spending laws, routinely.
* Are today's kids more rude than ever?
* The myth of the native babe.

So. Who is stealing Baltimore's lamp posts?

Is being a child star no longer a life sentence?

Scientology circles etched into the desert landscape in New Mexico.

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