PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"The role of women in the military has evolved, from serving as nurses in the Civil War to serving in support units in conflicts like the Persian Gulf war, but never before have they operated on the front lines they way they are in Iraq. Pentagon policy prohibits women from being used in combat roles, but the application of that rule is impractical here."

Um. So, if the al Jazeera memo wasn't real, why would the media be warned about it? And why won't anyone actually deny it?

* Is Brazil executing thousands?
* More details emerge on the Scanlon scandal.
* Jim Hoagland on Bush's faith-based politics.
* Unraveling Italy's death metal murders.
* Another breakthrough in synthetic biology.
* So what if we had a space initiative, but didn't fund it properly?
* OK, so the Hayabusa probe did land on the asteroid, but there's problems.
* One more tropical storm to add to the record-breaking season? Sure!
* A graffiti artist grows up.
* Cruise and Holmes to do own sonograms.

Going for the Oscar? Consider acting gay.

Wardrobe malfunction! Graffiti artist Borf shows up in court - and has his clothing confiscated.

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